Labels placed on containers can display vital information, ingredients, and instructions about products. They can also make products more aesthetically pleasing, attracting new customers, building brand recognition, and enhancing sales.

However, various industries have different labeling requirements and budgets. Based on their unique needs, they should choose an appropriate labeling machine.

At Advent Labelers, we have been proudly manufacturing labeling machines in the USA since 1988. These built to last models provide an economical DIY method for labeling short runs with ease and accuracy.

Our two main types are Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machines and Hot Melt Labeling Machines. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of these two versatile labeling machines.

1. Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machines

The advantage of using this method is that labels can get printed on an as-needed basis, no waiting time is required for the machine to heat up, and no cleanup of glue is needed as adhesive is already applied to the label.

Also, Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machines can add a code dater to the printer for expiry dates and use different types of label materials that are waterproof.

However, labels are significantly more expensive, and a large inventory is generally required to achieve cost efficiencies.

2. Hot Melt Labeling Machines

Hot Melt Labeling Machines are much cheaper than operating a Pressure-Sensitive Machine, and over time, they can become even more cost-efficient if printing significant volumes.

In addition, Hot Melt Machines allow for end-gluing, which provides labels to be easily removed and relabelled as needed, making them handy for the food industry.

However, the downside of this method is that the labeling machine needs time to heat up, and the glue has to be changed at least once per year.

We hoped these explanations made you feel more confident about moving forward with your labeling needs. To learn which labeling machine is best for your business, please contact Advent Labelers today.

Our labeling applicators are constructed using adjustable stainless-steel rollers and parts along with powder coating for durability. We also stand by our quality and offer a two-year warranty.

In addition, the labeling machines are simple to use with no foot pedal or air required. The operator’s left hand can remove the labeled product in one smooth movement while their right hand can place another container onto the machine.

We ship our labeling machines across California, Utah, Oregon, New York, Texas, United States, Canada, and worldwide.

For more details about our products, please click here or get in touch with us by clicking here.

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