COVID-19 has caused the whole world to adopt safety protocols, including social distancing, wearing masks, disinfecting facilities, and regular washing and sanitizing of hands.

Consequently, we have witnessed an incredible amount of demand for our labeling equipment.

The most significant push over the past year has been for our Advent 300 model which is made in the USA. It can add an inkjet printer to incorporate dates and barcodes, and is used to make hand sanitizing and antiseptic products.

Therefore, during the pandemic we have received copious orders from all across the country for these labeling machines. It has delighted our team and management knowing that we can help customers significantly during these trying times.

Consequently, customers who have never heard of us before are getting in touch after seeing our videos or being referred to us by existing customers. Therefore, our lead time for labeling machines has gone from three to four days to seven to ten days.

However, our advent machines help customers get their antiseptic products produced and distributed much faster than our competitors. So if you need quality sanitation products labeled, get in contact with us today.

With over thirty years of experience as a labeling machine manufacturing company, Advent Labelers will help you meet your product needs. We offer an economical DIY method for labeling short runs with ease and accuracy.

Our labeling applicators are constructed using adjustable stainless-steel rollers, along with powder coating for durability, and no foot pedal or air is required. Besides, all our labeling applicators come with a two-year limited warranty.

Our labeling machines are also all handcrafted in Los Angeles, and we take pride in every machine that leaves our headquarters. We ship across California, Utah, Oregon, New York, Texas, United States, Canada, and worldwide.

If you have any questions about labeling machines, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other products and services we have to offer, please click here.