Advent 302


Pressure Sensitive Basic Labeler (No Cart)
Pressure Sensitive Labeler with Hand Activated Label Feed

  • Labels up to 25 container per minute.
  • Labels must be wound on a 3″ fiber core in copy position #3 or #4.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty.
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The Advent Model 302 is a Hand Triggered Pressure-Sensitive Labeler.

It ​applies spot or wraparound labels with perfect accuracy and without ridges or wrinkles to all types of round containers: metal, plastic and glass.

The 302 works with an automatic brake arm and a tap lever. Its design allows for quick change overs.

  • Container Diameter: Min: 1″ OD Max: 12″ OD (2.54cm. to 30.489 cm.)
  • Label Size Min: 3/4″W x 1″L (1.90 cm. by 2.54 cm.)
  • Label Size Max: 8″W x 20″L (20.32 cm. by 50.8 cm.)
  • Machine size: 20″W x 26″L x 36″H (50 cm. by 66 cm. by 91 cm.)
  • Electrical: 110 v, 60 amp. standard 220 volt available.
  • Shipping weight: 65lbs.
Minimums: label width: 3/4″ length: 1″ container: 1″ OD
Maximums: label width: 8″ length: 20″ container: 12″ OD

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Weight 90 lbs


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